Flex-Fire PS3 Move Rifle

Flex-Fire PS3 Move Rifle


Flex-Fire Rifle Attachment for the Playstation Move

Flex-Fire Info Sheet (PDF) | Flex-Fire Users Guide (PDF)

Question and Answer

  • Question: How has ProdaGen™ solved the problem that Guerrilla Games®, Zipper Interactive® and Sony® tried so hard to fix with the Sharp Shooter?
  • Answer: An Articulated Barrel.
  • Question: Can a mechanical solution really fix what developers have tried to accomplish with software for the last six years?
  • Answer: Just look at the wheel. :)

Do you play to compete, or do you PLAY to WIN?

Game developers have been trying to fix the wonky look and aim of motion sensor FPS using software and hardware solutions. Look at the Sharp Shooter, it is over engineered, to the point of questioning your intelligence. Can something really have so many bells and whistles that you are blind to the fact that it doesn’t work well for FPS? Only you can answer that question.

Turn up your setting – Take back the Advantage

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Motion controls are uber sensitive, so in order to make the games playable on PS Move, developers recommend you turn your settings down so that you can control the reticule.  Guess what happens when your settings are turned down?  You lose you edge that motion control gives you, which is faster look/aim and less lag.  When you settings are down, DUALSHOCK® players have the advantage in online play.

Flex-Fire™ lets you harness the speed of the Move and allows you to maintain control even when your settings are higher.  If your turnspeed and crosshair sensitivity are higher you get the advantage over all other players, even DS3ers.

Bye Bye Over Correction

With Flex-Fire you articulate the barrel to turn the field of view, take corners, go up ladders, whatever, then release the pressure and BLAM the cursor returns to the center of the screen without thinking…Automatic…Mechanical!  Peace Out, Overcorrection!

Deadzones size becomes personal preference

The control and speed is what sets Flex-Fire apart from all other methods of playing PS3®.  Because you actually have 1 to 1 control of the Move, the deadzones size becomes a personal preference rather than a required size for the game to be playable.  My experience is the larger deadzones give you an advantage because you have more screen to aim in.

Make up for poor calibration – In Game

What is more frustrating than when you’re playing an intense game and the calibration gets messed up on your Move?  With Flex-Fire you can compensate for the mis-aligned cursor and keep playing without really noticing.  When you get to a good stopping spot, you can re-calibrate.  No more holding the gun sideways to make up for poor calibration.

Level Up your game With Flex-Fire.  This technology would work if it looked like a tree branch, but we’ve designed it to be the sickest looking accessory on the market.

If it’s a shooter on the Move, the Flex-Fire will work for you!

Play-offs have shown Flex-Fire players have a 19% winning edge.

Get your edge now!

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