Rocky Mountain Tech Writeup on the Flex-Fire

Prodagen and the Flex-Fire were featured in a 2-page in-depth interview in Rocky Mountain Tech, a publication of the Norther Colorado Business Report.
Excerpts from the Rocky Mountain Tech Article:
“Flex-Fire is essentially a machine gun-shaped container for the Playstation shooter control. Its primary advantages over similar accessories are: 1) it allows the shooter to scan left and right, up and down, […]

Colorado Biz Magazine Features the Flex-Fire

The Flex-Fire was featured in the Colorado Cool Stuff section of February 1 edition of Colorado Biz Magazine.

Excerpt from the Article in Colorado Biz:
Adam Wickam’s résumé includes a stint as a plumber and business school at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, and he somehow managed to meld the two with his love of video games in […]

Rebel Gaming Flex-Fire Review

Here are the Top Quotes from the Article by Barrie Matthews TKA @Bazil81:
The Flex-Fire allows each of your hands to move independently while still using the gun in a rifle stance. This obviously allows you to move your character left to right with one hand and up and down with the other, like while using […]

Flex-Fire Available Now!

ProdaGen, LLC™, a design, tooling, product management and marketing group, is taking Pre-Orders for Flex-Fire™ beginning Monday, April 19.
Flex-Fire™ is a rifle-shaped aiming solution designed for the PlayStation® Move.  It gives the feel of a real gun while providing the freedom to make precise movements.
This product is perfect for the gamer who is having trouble […]

VG Blogger: Flex-Fire Review


Matt Litten of VG Blogger Reviewed Flex-Fire.  His Top Comments Follow:
“This is important for a number of reasons, but the main benefit is that it allows for the comfort of reclined gaming. With the Sharp Shooter or one of its competing attachments, you can play seated with the rifle resting lightly on your knees, but […]