Movemodo Interview of Adam Wickam

We’ve been dominating the online leaderboards with Flex-Fire’s unique flexible barrel system for months now and given our own impression in our First Impressions: Flex-Fire article. But we’ve hunted down Flex-Fire’s inventor Adam Wickam and shot a few questions of our own at him to find out a bit more about this unique PlayStation Move […]

Self-Centering and FLEX-FIRE

The analogue stick has been a crutial part of video game systems since the Atari 5200
“In 1982, Atari released their first controller with a potentiometer-based analog joystick for their Atari 5200 home console. However, the non-centering joystick design proved to be ungainly and unreliable, alienating many consumers at the time.” Wiki 
“During that same year, General […]

Rebel Gaming Flex-Fire Review

Here are the Top Quotes from the Article by Barrie Matthews TKA @Bazil81:
The Flex-Fire allows each of your hands to move independently while still using the gun in a rifle stance. This obviously allows you to move your character left to right with one hand and up and down with the other, like while using […]

Move Support Arrives For inFamous 2

Nate Fox Sucker, Game Director, from Punch Productions Talks about inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood and inFAMOUS 2 getting Move Support

Flex-Fire Available Now!

ProdaGen, LLC™, a design, tooling, product management and marketing group, is taking Pre-Orders for Flex-Fire™ beginning Monday, April 19.
Flex-Fire™ is a rifle-shaped aiming solution designed for the PlayStation® Move.  It gives the feel of a real gun while providing the freedom to make precise movements.
This product is perfect for the gamer who is having trouble […]