Movemodo Interview of Adam Wickam

We’ve been dominating the online leaderboards with Flex-Fire’s unique flexible barrel system for months now and given our own impression in our First Impressions: Flex-Fire article. But we’ve hunted down Flex-Fire’s inventor Adam Wickam and shot a few questions of our own at him to find out a bit more about this unique PlayStation Move […]

n00b ALERT Stops By Flex-Fire's E3 Booth

KillSteelah from n00b ALERT came by the Flex-Fire booth to see what all the hype was all about…he wasn’t disappointed.  Killzone 3 Gameplay with Flex-Fire Too!

Movemodo Covers Flex-Fire
Flex-Fire: An Innovation or Fine Adjustment?
Posted Tue, 31 May 2011 by Christopher Ingram

Flex-Fire: The new gun on the battlefield.

Sharp Shooter with a twist
It seems like we just put our hands on the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter a few days ago, but an inventor named Adam Wickam — Colorado gamer and entrepreneur — has already […]

New Invention Revolutionizes First Person Shooter Games

Flex-Fire is putting some firepower in the hands of gamers with its new flexible barrel that makes for a better experience inside PlayStation Move shooting games.
WINDSOR, CO (May 23, 2011) –  Technology has created video gaming concepts that were little more than fantasy even five years ago.  Unfortunately, the tools used to play those games […]

Video – ProdaGen at UNC Entrepreneurial Challenge

Yet another year of entering business plan contests in an attempt to convince some grey-haired businessmen that video games are a dominate force in entertainment.  Numbers tell the story and the judges were convinced enough to Award ProdaGen third place.  I will enjoy the talks I have with the judges next year after they buy […]