Rocky Mountain Tech Writeup on the Flex-Fire

Prodagen and the Flex-Fire were featured in a 2-page in-depth interview in Rocky Mountain Tech, a publication of the Norther Colorado Business Report.

Excerpts from the Rocky Mountain Tech Article:


“Flex-Fire is essentially a machine gun-shaped container for the Playstation shooter control. Its primary advantages over similar accessories are: 1) it allows the shooter to scan left and right, up and down, without a major motion of the entire gun; 2) it corrects automatically back to dead center once the scan is complete and 3) the flexible barrel allows for self-calibration of the aiming crosshairs.

The results: greater accuracy, a better sense of the immediate environment, and less time spent correcting for scanning movements, which can get you killed in a virtual firefight. In addition, Wickam added enhancements that offer the shooter a more comfortable experience.”

“Although the product is just beginning to be shipped in quantity to buyers, Flex-Fire has generated a major online buzz since Wickam demonstrated Flex-Fire at E3 in Los Angeles lastJune. E3 is the gaming industry’s “professionals only” show. “People there loved it,” he said.

Gaming magazine reviewers have raved about Flex-Fire…”

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